Bridal Appointments After Lockdown: The “New Normal”

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I’ve been avoiding my laptop for well over a week now…..Believe me, I have plenty to do that requires me to use said laptop (a bad word that starts with “ad” and ends in “min” springs to mind), and yet….every time I look at it sitting there on the dining room table, I magically find something else to do. Why?

Perhaps it is because it’s hard to find the words to sum up what the last few weeks have been like. When the clock struck midnight on December 31st 2019, if anyone wishing you a Happy New Year had told you that within a number of weeks, hand soap would be double the price and out-of-stock and people would be fighting over the last pack of toilet roll in supermarket aisles, would you have believed them? I certainly wouldn’t have! And yet, here we are.

“This Too Shall Pass”

It has been harrowing to watch the news from all over the globe about the devastating effect coronavirus has had on people’s lives. Closer to home, I know I speak for all of us from the Ivory Bridal team that it has been heartbreaking to watch as a lot of our brides have seen their wedding date come and go, with no wedding to speak of. There is nothing we can say to make it ok. Nothing we can do to change it. But as they say, “this too shall pass”.

A Whole New World

Everywhere you go now, the world has changed. What used to be a simple trip to the supermarket has become somewhat of an obstacle course, with signs everywhere telling you to keep your distance from other people and tape markings all over the floor telling you where to stand and which direction you should be walking. And don’t even get me started on the queues!

This leads me to talk about an obstacle course of our own….how to safely get back into our little seaside haven to start doing what we love most again: helping our Brides-to-Be find their dream dress.

Saying Yes To The Dress

In the bridal industry, we talk about “The Bridal Experience”. It’s a BIG deal and it should be a rite of passage for any bride to enjoy shopping for her wedding dress. So how do we help you have your “Yes Moment” in our boutique while making it fun and keeping it safe? This is something we have been focussing on and working with other boutiques on over the last number of weeks.

I’ll be honest…we don’t have all the answers yet. But here’s the thing…no one does! The post-Covid world is completely new to every single one of us and all we can do is follow the guidance issued to us by the government and apply a healthy dose of common sense.

Booking In For Your Appointment

Everyone booked in for an appointment in our boutique will be receiving an information pack in their email inbox. It’s not the most thrilling read but it is entirely necessary. We will be asking you to engage with the preventative measures we have put in place which may include wearing masks, sanitising your hands and restricting the number of people you bring with you to your appointment (don’t worry, we are working hard to find creative ways to ensure your Bride Tribe are still there with you throughout your appointment virtually).

In your information pack, we will also be telling you all about what cleaning we will be doing in our boutique to keep you safe and giving you tips on preparing for your bridal appointment. It may all seem a little out of the ordinary but these are extra-ordinary times.

Our Pledge

Our pledge is simple: we pledge to do our very best to keep you safe and keep things fun while you search for your dream dress. Along with our simple pledge comes a simple request: please be considerate of others. Help us in doing all we can to keep you and our customers, our families and our communities safe from this horrible virus. Do your research, get in touch, ask us loads of questions before your appointment so we can figure out how best to serve you during your time in the boutique.

Whether you were already meant to be a Mrs by now but you are still signing your maiden name to things, whether you are still wrestling with the difficult decision to postpone your 2020 wedding or whether you are getting married early 2021 and still haven’t even started looking for your dress….we hear you, and we are here for you. Looking forward to hearing from you,

Love and elbow bumps,

Ivory Bridal xx

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